Building People through Performance

The VMHS Instrumental Music Program

The Vista Murrieta High School Instrumental Music Program provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for music and encourages the skills and discipline necessary for achieving musical excellence throughout a lifetime of experiences. Students can learn the importance of a cooperative team effort while working with fellow members to accomplish the shared goals of the program. Music students have fun meeting new friends and traveling to new and exciting places. In addition, the program challenges students in areas of personal growth and musicianship.


2016 Al Castronovo Esprit de Corps National Award

The one group most exhibiting pride, spirit, enthusiasm, friendliness, and unity of purpose for the activity of marching bands in this country


2016 Sudler Shield Winner – International Award

To identify, recognize, and honor the outstanding high school marching band who is at a world class level of excellence

Performance Ensemble

Our program offers a comprehensive music experience through its course offerings. The program offers four different levels of concert band, three different levels of jazz band, two levels of percussion ensembles, pep band, chamber ensembles, 3 levels of winter color guards, Varsity Marching Band, JV Marching Band, and a number of student leadership opportunities. The VMHS Instrumental Music Program makes up an essential part of the culture of Vista Murrieta High School and is one of the school’s most successful and publicly recognized programs.

2017-2018 Drum Majors Announced!:  We are proud to announce the drum majors for the 2017 VMHS Marching Band!  We are excited to announce that Elizabeth Rapp (11) has been selected to be the head drum major with Lance Galloway (11) and Emily O’Donnell (10) serving as assistant drum majors!  Elizabeth Rapp came to us from Warm Springs Middle School as a bass clarinet player.  Elizabeth is one of the most talented Junior band members we have.  After serving as an assistant drum major this year, Elizabeth is ready to lead the band to success in 2017!  Lace Galloway came to us from Dorothy McElhinney Middle School.  Lance is one of our top piccolo players and one of our most dedicated band members.  Emily O’Donnell came to us from Temecula Middle School.  In addition to being one of our best bassoon players she is also an excellent keyboard player.  Emily is one of the few Wind Ensemble I members who auditioned into our top concert ensemble as a freshman.

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