Congratulations to the 2018-2019

Vista Murrieta High School Sapphires


Abigail Butler*

Alina Ornelas+

Alyssa Esterlein

Amy Filo*

Analee Coronado

Andalynne Pudvah

Andrew Sharkey

Anessa Mikenas

Aubrie Pudvah

Audrey Ward

Briee Siemen*

Brynna Green

Camila Castellanos

Carmella Volpone

Cecilia Rueda

Ceri Jones

Cristina Fouts*

Eliana Stout+

Emily Volpone*

Emmalee Mccann

Faith Palma*

Grace Hensley

Hailey Bobbe

Haley Hinds

Haley Palma

Hannah Gruidl+

Jamisen Curcio

Janais Broussard+

Jasmine Ramirez*

Jenna Casimere

Jessica Vis+

Jordon Monge*

Juana Cerriteno

Julanne Lipumano

Julienne Lim+

Kady Valdez %

Kaelyn Novelo

Kayla Kassis+

Kaylee Harris

Kiana Elsmore+

Kurt Manuel*

Liz Borel+

Madison Cervantes+

Madison Connolly %

Madison Hultquist*

Maggie Lauridsen

Meghan Mikenas

Milani Taylor

Olivia Stout

Page Borel

Samantha Kunze

Samantha Williams+

Shelbee Justice

Shelby Goodrich

Shelby Savage*

Sidney Jones*

Sierra Stouffer %

Stephanie Ochoa

Trevor MacKay+

Victoria DiGiovanni

Preliminary Saber Line*

Preliminary Rifle Line+

Alternate Spot%


Congratulations Again!


Please remember that weapon lines are subject to change at any time throughout the summer training process. You still have an opportunity to be on a line as these are not set in stone. Ask yourself how you auditioned?

Work on technical issues and keep pushing!


Please remember to e-mail Sergio at

to accept or deny your spot.


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First New Member Rehearsal is on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

from 5-9pm in the Vista Murrieta High School Band Room.

See you then!




























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